My Health Journey

In 2012, I had no balance. I found myself binging on late-night fast food and in addition, relying on processed foods to fill my nutrient and calorie deficiencies. I noticed rashes appearing on different areas on my body, but worsening on my hands. I gave it no thought and shrugged it off for weeks. The rash on my hand began to ooze, itch, scab and bleed and on some days, I’d wrap it in gauze to prevent myself from scratching it. This went on for months. Until one morning, I woke up with an awful outbreak completely covering my thighs, my stomach and my face. Looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the travesty that had happened was the final straw, I had to take action. With a shattered self-confidence, I made my way into a dermatologists office, was told that I had developed onset adult eczema and was offered steroids as my course of treatment. I declined.

I obsessively researched ways to cure control my eczema and fell deeply engrossed with the mission of homeopathy, naturopathy & a plant-based lifestyle. The ideologies and mission of healing thyself through nature fascinated me. I found myself investing time to cook, create recipes and soon realized that I felt contentment in the kitchen. I found myself truly savoring every bite of my whole-fooded meals and realized that buying groceries was more satisfying than anything materialistic. I fell in love with the process of choosing to prioritize my health. Three months later, my eczema completely disappeared.

Not only did my physical exterior change, so did my quality of life. Eating plant-based and practicing holistic health addressed my mind, body and soul. I decided to treat my body as a system instead of compartmentalizing myself into symptoms or parts. Most importantly, I learned (and still learning!) that nutrition does not mean low fat or low calorie. It’s a nourishment of your being so you can feel energized to live life to it’s true potential.

Fast forward to the 2016.. I’ve transitioned into becoming the truest version of myself – a vegan – I’ll make a seperate page about this soon, maybe call it “Why Vegan?”. The last 3 years in college, I focused & stressed on the competitiveness, constant comparison and rigorous preliminary ordeals of entering a traditional medical school (M.D/D.O) but that decision is no more. In this present moment, I’m a graduating senior at a California University studying Cellular and Molecular Biology with aspirations of still becoming a physician; not just any physician, a naturopathic medical practitioner. At first, this decision made me feel guilty, but I soon came to be at peace with the realization that I am a constantly evolving human being (and so are you!). Things change and so do situations and that should be embraced not feared.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & I hope to inspire you in your health, mental and emotional journey – whether it’s through food, lifestyle or your own set of dreams.

Xo, T.