Who Am I?


Hi! Welcome to Plants and Balance.


My name is Trish. I’m an ordinary girl going through the extraordinary adventures of self-realization. I began this blog as a venue to create and self-express myself as a multi-passionate individual with deep interests in food, health, wellness, mindfulness, conservationism, veganism and everything in between.

I have learned (and still am!) that the journey of falling in love with taking care of yourself resonates with eating well as a lifelong process. More importantly, it integrates completely between the system of mind, body and soul.

Being healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone, so respect your mind, follow your heart and listen to your soul.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as I enjoy journaling in it.

Xo, T.


One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. “of falling in love with taking care of yourself resonates with eating well as a lifelong…”

    Yes you learn to be a friend to yourself. Who am I ? I think that self image changes
    every 5 years or so. Now at 66 I am quite different from each of past decades. Thanks visit my blog.

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