Mindful Monday: Customizing Your Life

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success if found in your daily routine. The difference between who you are, versus who you want to be, is what you to. Pick up some motivation.

How do you create a routine? (and stick to it?)

I am no master, or expert in this subject. This is merely stemmed from a personal experience. When you begin your day with self care, you’re putting your needs before everyone else. A morning routine is saying YES, and allowing yourself that time to blossom. I’ve come to find that morning routines help with: creating an energetic space, allow for more clarity, invigorate intentions, maintaining positivity and an increase in productivity.

Hal Elrod wrote a book called, “The Miracle Morning” and broke routines down into an acronym, “S.A.V.E.R.S”

(S)ilence 10 mins: I have an app on my iPhone called “Breathe” and use it for guided meditation every morning.

(A)ffirmations 5 mins: I always say my affirmations out loud and in front of a mirror.

(V)isualization 5 mins: Create the life what you want in your mind, including the people and experiences to ensure ultimate fulfillment.

(E)xcercise 10 mins: I’ve been enjoying yoga these last few months. Do what makes you happy, and invigorated.

(R)eading 10 mins: Immerse yourself in an inspirational read. I’m currently reading “The Gifts of Imperfection” and “Eat Like You Care”.

(S)cribing 10 mins: aka, journaling. This has been part of my routine for years. Use this time to write what you are most grateful for. This works wonders.

If you want to direct your life, take control of consistent actions. Want to write well? Write everyday. Want to tone up? Fit in exercise frequently. What we do once will never shape out life. Remember, what is done in love is done well.

Good luck. xo, T.



Fortunate Friday: Does your mind control your life?

Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, there’s no way that you could even begin to explore possibilities. Put on your positive pants! My mind is always at a constant race – overthinking situations – the root cause of past unhappiness. Generally, I’m content but I’m also not a robot, I’m human and I’m continuously “filled with feelings” for people, for the world, for the environment, for the animals..

Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a compliment, or a small act of compassion – all of which have the potential to influence an abundant life. I’ve come to realize that talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit, let’s focus on joy & blissfulness.

I’m a firm believer in intention & mantras, both of which have been scientifically proven to influence perception. Think about this: Everytime the sun sets, luminous colors are left. These colors give promise to a new day. A new day brings new intention – choice, change, chance. I’ve learned (and still learning!) that energy introduces you even before an exchange of words.. because faith & doubt cannot exist in the same mind.

So, I’ve stopped apologizing for being “sensitive” or “emotional”. You should too. I’m no longer afraid of revealing my heart & letting others bask in its infectious nature. You should too. Showing emotions is a sign of courage so go ahead, acquire some strength & seek adventures to open your mind. The world needs it.

Good luck. Xo, T.


It’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog. Truth be told, I forgot about you but never completely. A lot has changed in a year – both positive and negative, big transitions have been made and I’ve felt happier, healthier and more free. As of late, I’ve been feeling reinvigorated to pick up blogging again, take it seriously and share snippets of my life (and thoughts!) with you once again.

I’ll elaborate.

Transition #1:
People closest to me have continuously told me that I’ve got a knack for coming up with recipes, cooking and a creative energy when it comes to food. I’ve always considered my relationship with food to be strong, but now even stronger since I’ve transitioned into becoming vegan. My vegan journey has inspired me to inspire YOU to take control of your health because honestly, there isn’t much in life you can control outside of your physical being. I’m not here to push this lifestyle on you, but I am here to share and show you that you can eat delicious, savory and healthy meals being plant-based. Recipes and pretty pictures to come soon.

Transition #2:
I’m graduating University this year and what I thought I’d be doing with my future is slowly changing and being thoroughly questioned by my heart, mind and soul. I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time but I’m coming to feel content with not knowing what lies ahead. Planning doesn’t always work and that’s okay.

Transition #3:
My romantic relationship has evolved into something indescribable. Literally, I have no words. I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I can truly, wholeheartedly invest in my relationship without fear.. And that’s freeing. Almost 7 years later, E and I now share a home, an 11-month tabby cat named Tucker and a love that surpasses the Universe (sappy, I know).

So here are my doctors orders: Shit happens and life changes instantly, with or without the effort you’re putting into it. Be okay with the changes and embrace them. Give love to those that love you and fuck the rest. Do things with passion, or not at all.

Looking forward to blogging again. Good luck. Xo, T.

To withhold 

You know what irritates me the most in life? Lying. It takes so much energy to lie, I don’t understand why people cannot grasp the freedom and liberation it feels to be honest and genuine. A single lie that is discovered can create enough contagious doubt over every truth that is expressed. 

If you have to defend it, it’s bullshit. If you have to explain it, it’s bullshit. If you have to convince yourself that they won’t understand, it’s bullshit.. It’s bullshit. All of it. You know it. 

Remember, you can’t have a healthy relationship with a person wearing a mask. Think of it this way – cheaters will always think others cheat, and liars will always think those of others – Let that simmer for a minute. I’d rather be known in this life as an honest sinner, than a liar. 

So here are my doctors orders: Respect those you love and don’t stoop yourself to a level of being a  hypocrite. The truth hurts for a little, but lies withstand in the future. Apologize if you’re wrong and don’t trust anybody willing to deliberately tweak the truth for their benefit. Don’t expect perfection, but do expect honesty. 

Good luck. Xo, T. 

The other side of fear

Perfection is annihilation. It paralyzes us from working from the heart. Humans by nature are not perfect & imperfections are what make the world beautiful to live in.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Through multiple processes of self-discovery, I have learned (and still learning) the mastery of courage & that it is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. A mind full of fears has no space to dream.. And the funny thing about dreams is that it’s usually everything you’ve ever wanted & everything you’ve ever wanted is just on the other side of that hill you’re afraid of.

Fear can manifest in a lot of ways; it can symbolize the sadness of your past or the uncertainty of your future but don’t let it ruin the happiness you feel in your present. It can manifest in the fear of being in love, but embracing it can lead to the most mysterious, satisfying & glorious parts of life. The fear of being wrong, but without it, you can never be creative. Lastly, the fear of the unknown. Remedy that with a sense of curiosity & your choices will replace your hopes.

So here are my doctors orders: Try & remember that fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts that you are creating. Being in danger is real, but being fearful is a choice. You are wonderfully made so have faith in everything that you do & it will outgrow your fears.

The greatest mistake you can make in living an unfulfilled life is to continually fear that you’ll make one. Life is short, live now. Anger is not necessary, dump it. Memories are sweet, cherish them. Finding love is rare, grab it and hold on.

Xo, T.

You’ve made it this far

During late nights and obscene hours, I contemplate decisions I’ve made in the past. In short, there are times (more often than not) that I feel insecure about being a 23 year old pre-med, still in the process of finishing her degree and with that, battling the riddled stress of entering medical school.

These nights have been happening often and the negative energy that accompanied it, started to pour into my relationships, both friendly and romantic.. Until my bestfriend, Kaytlain, showed me this wonderful and eye-opening article called “23 promises every girl should make for herself” . By the end of the article, I was tearing up while my heart was bursting with love and gratitude; Gratitude towards how entirely good my life is– Thanks Kayt!

Let me explain: I am neither rich nor lavish. I’ve woken up every morning feeling healthy with a roof over my head, supportive parents, a loving boyfriend and friendships I never thought would have. I couldn’t believe I allowed said energy to consume me, more so, infect those around me. I took a step back, envisioned the bigger picture and as cliche as this sounds, you are where you’re supposed to be. It’s true and often forgotten.

So here are my doctors orders: Continue to be young, stupid and be wild. You will make mistakes. Make a promise to yourself to be proud of everything that you do, and to do it with love. That time that you spent “wasted” was never a waste. Your journey is who you are and there’s nothing wrong with that. ☺️

Xo, T.

PS: This is my first blog post and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Thank you!