To begin anew

Where the hell have I been? Admittedly, it was silly of me to think that I could balance being a medical student, an active instagram, a personal life & a blog – albeit, I’m a big dreamer and love a good challenge but sometimes, things just naturally fall to the way side to make way for better, more bright and beautiful things.

It’s been 4 months since I’ve written a post here but undoubtedly so, it has been the most busy, most fulfilling, most inspiring, invigorating 4 months of my life. When Ethan and I uprooted to San Diego for me to begin medical school, we didn’t know what to expect. But more importantly, we didn’t realize how easy our life was going to flourish. The minute you let go of pre-conceived notions and ideas, how things “could” and “would” be, is the minute your life begins to naturally (and serendipitously) unfold. Now, this wasn’t all perfect, we faced challenges – both big and small – but no good can flow through you unless you allow it to do so.

With that being said, I’m entering week 6 of naturopathic medical school.. It has been a headache, a whirlwind & I’ve been sleep deprived, over caffeinated and overworked but at the end of the day, during moments of quiet reflection, I find myself going to sleep feeling whole and complete, and waking up the next day excited and inspired – what a blessing and a rarity.

I think I’ll talk more about naturopathic school and what we’re learning. But I’ll leave it with this: Naturopathic (ND) and Allopathic (MD) are not different from eachother in service, only in philosophy. At the end of the day, we are all physicians and what’s most important is the patient and we approach their treatment (what MD’s would say)/healing (what ND’s would say).

I believe in a world that will one day bring back medicine to it’s core – that it’s an art of healing, with NO place for pharmaceuticals.. because pharm creates customers, not cures. It makes sense, doesn’t it? To pay someone to keep you healthy, rather than treat you when you’re sick.

Food for thought.

Xo, T.