Fortunate Friday: Does your mind control your life?

Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, there’s no way that you could even begin to explore possibilities. Put on your positive pants! My mind is always at a constant race – overthinking situations – the root cause of past unhappiness. Generally, I’m content but I’m also not a robot, I’m human and I’m continuously “filled with feelings” for people, for the world, for the environment, for the animals..

Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a compliment, or a small act of compassion – all of which have the potential to influence an abundant life. I’ve come to realize that talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit, let’s focus on joy & blissfulness.

I’m a firm believer in intention & mantras, both of which have been scientifically proven to influence perception. Think about this: Everytime the sun sets, luminous colors are left. These colors give promise to a new day. A new day brings new intention – choice, change, chance. I’ve learned (and still learning!) that energy introduces you even before an exchange of words.. because faith & doubt cannot exist in the same mind.

So, I’ve stopped apologizing for being “sensitive” or “emotional”. You should too. I’m no longer afraid of revealing my heart & letting others bask in its infectious nature. You should too. Showing emotions is a sign of courage so go ahead, acquire some strength & seek adventures to open your mind. The world needs it.

Good luck. Xo, T.



Life is the most difficult exam you’ll never stop taking. Most people fail because they try and copy others, not realizing that every person has a different set of questions.The idea of being “inert” can be a bitch, so make sure that you can chart your own course.

It is a beautiful thing when career and passion come together, ultimately, also both terrifying and amazing. But there’s nothing more dangerous than a lack of self-love. “Trish, why do you want to become a physician? What is it about medicine that inspires you?” Sure, the “dream” is big, scary and according to published statistics… Almost impossible to achieve (unless you’re composed of the 1% of brilliant Einstein-esque minds out there). Let’s be real, I’m just an ordinary girl trying to find her place a world that is bound by social norms in order to make a dream come true. To me, being a physician is the only profession that I find myself loving and hating (with the most intense, and fiery passion) at the same time. But to break it down, all dreams come with a standard principle: Work hard, and STAY persistent.

How? A “good life” is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh (ALOT!) and realize how blessed you are. Find that thing that you love and figure out a way to capitalize on it. More importantly, never give up on a dream simply because it takes time to accomplish. Honestly, the time will pass anyway. Your goals will come paired with an enormous amount of stress from yourself, from your peers and from this world that dictates who makes it, and who doesn’t. Learn to separate yourself because nothing is worth poisoning yourself into anxiety, or fear. Believe that your dream requires no expiration date. So take a step back, breathe in and try again.

So here are my Doctors orders: Don’t be bullied by your problems, I have learned that doubt kills dreams more than fear ever will. Don’t be discouraged when you (or other people) don’t see the things the way you do. Dream on! Not everybody will understand what or why you’re doing it, or where you want to go. Accept that that’s okay and that you’ll get there.. Eventually. But If all else fails, the best thing you can go is… Nothing. What I mean by that is not think, not wonder, not imagine or obsess. Just breathe and have faith in yourself and in the journey that it will soon unfold into its natural course.

Good luck. Xo, T.

Of course it’s hard, it’s supposed to be

Making a large life change is scary. But do you know what’s even scarier? Regret.

The only thing standing between you and your goals are the bullshit stories you keep telling yourself. In my experience, there are two things that define you: Your patience when you have nothing and the attitude you carry when you have everything. The first step to take to getting anywhere is making the concrete decision that you’re not willing to stay where you are now because honestly, if your dreams don’t scare the shit of you, they’re just not big enough.

Every morning that you wake up, you have two choices to make: Continue to chase your dreams, or wake the fuck up and chase them. As a 23-year old college student, it’s only been a recent revelation that I’ve wanted to pursue medicine as a chosen career path. For a long time, I dabbled in fashion, marketing and nursing. I hit the jackpot when I decided to become a nursing major. I’ve always been good at math and science, and interested in healthcare not because I’m superbly intelligent, I’ve just always spent more time on a problem than another student would. As a nursing major, I went through multiple series self-discovery. Throughout this process, I developed an innate curiosity and a passion to need want to know more about the human body, it’s function and physiology. After entering a pre-medical internship, I quickly learned that nursing wasn’t for me. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons; to have a steady job, a pay that would benefit the lifestyle I wanted to live, working 3 days a week, etc. I didn’t take into consideration how my unhappiness with said “job” would affect the people I was working with, patients but more importantly, my overall well being. My days as a nursing major soon turned into long nights of crying- I hated the thought of knowing, in my heart, that being in that profession wasn’t for me. My unhappiness and dissatisfication affected everything around me; my studies and my personal life. Finally, after receiving a few acceptance letters to nursing school, I decided that I couldn’t sacrifice my happiness for a peripheral feeling of having a steady job. It was an injustice to my mind, body and soul.. My heart. 

Fast forward to 2013, with a new found love for holistic health, nutrition and medicine, I discovered a medical degree called D.O or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine; the same degree as an MD (you go to conventional medical school, the whole shabang!) but they have chosen to practice more holistically, in the sense of treating the body as a whole, rather than the symptom. Becoming a D.O is somewhat viewed as a whole new faction of medicine. In other terms, not completely accepted by the traditional medicinal minds that have been conformed to what is the “right kind of doctor.” But in my perspective, success follows where passion lies. Do everything with love, and everything that you want will follow. I am not concerned with money, or a status symbol. What’s most important (to me) is to follow your dreams and follow your heart because your mind can often convince you to put off what your heart really wants.. Remember, the expert in anything was once a beginner. I’m 23, a junior at University and never been happier to know that I’m finally pursuing something that makes my heart sing and my soul smile.

So, here are my doctors orders: Be crazy enough to know that you can succeed! Don’t overthink, it kills your happiness. Accept that trial and error is part of failure and it’ll happen often, view it as an opportunity to start over and this time, do it wisely. Be afraid to never try, but not to fail. Accept that the struggle you’re in today is setting you up for the strength you’ll be feeling tomorrow. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 25. Wake up everyday and kick ass. REPEAT.

Be a hero. To yourself.

Xo, T.

The other side of fear

Perfection is annihilation. It paralyzes us from working from the heart. Humans by nature are not perfect & imperfections are what make the world beautiful to live in.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Through multiple processes of self-discovery, I have learned (and still learning) the mastery of courage & that it is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. A mind full of fears has no space to dream.. And the funny thing about dreams is that it’s usually everything you’ve ever wanted & everything you’ve ever wanted is just on the other side of that hill you’re afraid of.

Fear can manifest in a lot of ways; it can symbolize the sadness of your past or the uncertainty of your future but don’t let it ruin the happiness you feel in your present. It can manifest in the fear of being in love, but embracing it can lead to the most mysterious, satisfying & glorious parts of life. The fear of being wrong, but without it, you can never be creative. Lastly, the fear of the unknown. Remedy that with a sense of curiosity & your choices will replace your hopes.

So here are my doctors orders: Try & remember that fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts that you are creating. Being in danger is real, but being fearful is a choice. You are wonderfully made so have faith in everything that you do & it will outgrow your fears.

The greatest mistake you can make in living an unfulfilled life is to continually fear that you’ll make one. Life is short, live now. Anger is not necessary, dump it. Memories are sweet, cherish them. Finding love is rare, grab it and hold on.

Xo, T.

Revolution of hearts tied

You don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people out of your life. It doesn’t matter whether they are a romantic interest, employer, childhood friend or a new acquaintance. You don’t have to make room for people who make you feel small. Those who love you will never walk away, instead they will walk beside you in all moments of everyday.. Unseen, unheard but always near. They will always love you, miss you and hold you forever dear.

With that being said, I’ve been spending time with family in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Sheltered in a house made up of walls and beams and a home filled with love and dreams, with people who have only showered me with love and affection my entire life and for that, I am forever in their gratitude and will always consider myself 0% lucky, but a 100% blessed.


As children, my cousins siblings were childhood playmates. As we’ve grown up into adults, pursuing separate lives (yet always together), we’ve become lifelong friends – A revolution of multiple hearts tied into one. As our parents gather and chat over lost time and old memories, we find ourselves out and about, channeling our inner children and creating adventures to reminisce about later. Life is filled up of small moments such as these and encourage a feeling of infinite love, more powerful than true love itself.


So here are my doctors orders: Call your parents everyday and keep in touch with family members who aren’t as easily accessible. What I’ve come to learn is that they simply desire the comfort of your voice, and the security of knowing that you’re doing well.. Because at the end of the day, having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is family and having both is a blessing.

Cherish that, be gratuitous and never forget your roots.

Xo, T.