Plantiful Sunday: Pitaya Bowl

Notice anything different? This platform was “Wild in Practice,” but that was a remnant of the past. I decided to rename this blog “Plants and Balance” because it completely resonated & aligned with my personal, moral and ethical beliefs – that the pursuit of eating well can lead to patterns of discouraging disease, enhance well being & improve quality of life.

Every Sunday I’ll be posting a delicious, vegan, plant-based meal. This series will be called “Plantiful Sunday”. Get it? Get it? I’m SO excited to share my vegan lifestyle with you.

I was introduced to dragonfruit (pitaya) years ago when I discovered my health. Intrigued by its cactus-like skin & its vibrant green and pink hues, I gave it a go. These fun-looking fruits give way to rich properties such as being low in cholesterol, high in fiber, high in antioxidants, stabilizes blood sugar, treats acne & more!

So.. How do I make this part of my daily routine? Pitaya smoothie bowls, duh.

Process is simple in 3 easy steps:
1. Blend 2 pitaya packs (purchase here), frozen bananas & mangoes and coconut water.
2. Place in a bowl and top with your fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.


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3. Take a picture of your gorgeous bowl to remind yourself how awesome you are for choosing to indulge in a nutritious, plant-based meal.


Eat well, and good luck. Xo, T.