Mindful Monday: Customizing Your Life

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success if found in your daily routine. The difference between who you are, versus who you want to be, is what you to. Pick up some motivation.

How do you create a routine? (and stick to it?)

I am no master, or expert in this subject. This is merely stemmed from a personal experience. When you begin your day with self care, you’re putting your needs before everyone else. A morning routine is saying YES, and allowing yourself that time to blossom. I’ve come to find that morning routines help with: creating an energetic space, allow for more clarity, invigorate intentions, maintaining positivity and an increase in productivity.

Hal Elrod wrote a book called, “The Miracle Morning” and broke routines down into an acronym, “S.A.V.E.R.S”

(S)ilence 10 mins: I have an app on my iPhone called “Breathe” and use it for guided meditation every morning.

(A)ffirmations 5 mins: I always say my affirmations out loud and in front of a mirror.

(V)isualization 5 mins: Create the life what you want in your mind, including the people and experiences to ensure ultimate fulfillment.

(E)xcercise 10 mins: I’ve been enjoying yoga these last few months. Do what makes you happy, and invigorated.

(R)eading 10 mins: Immerse yourself in an inspirational read. I’m currently reading “The Gifts of Imperfection” and “Eat Like You Care”.

(S)cribing 10 mins: aka, journaling. This has been part of my routine for years. Use this time to write what you are most grateful for. This works wonders.

If you want to direct your life, take control of consistent actions. Want to write well? Write everyday. Want to tone up? Fit in exercise frequently. What we do once will never shape out life. Remember, what is done in love is done well.

Good luck. xo, T.



Choose Meaningful Friendships

2016 has brought a plethora of changes – mostly positive, but some negative – boy, have I found myself in the deepest depths of reflection when it comes to all my friendships.

 Sometimes, we need someone to simply be there. Someone to just BE. Not to fix anything, or to do anything in particular but just to let us know that we are supported when we are scared. That’s when I’m reminded of the true meaning of friendship; someone to love you – the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you – because that’s what people are supposed to do.

If I’ve learned anything about this topic, it’s to consistently make an effort to hang on, stay connected, put in effort, fight for them & never walk away or be distracted, don’t be too busy or too tired and don’t take them for granted. Friends are a part of the glue that holds life and fate together – powerful stuff. With gentle honesty, close friends are truly one of life’s treasures to offer us a presence to remind us that we are never alone.

If you have to force it, leave it.
Relationships, friendships, yoga poses, top knot.
Let that shit go.

When connections are real, they can never die but they can be buried or ignored. If you’ve found deep resonance with another being, connection will remain despite distance, time, situation or circumstance. If you’re doubtful, revisit to see if you can make sense of the spaces between. If it’s true, you’ll instantly find yourself being swept back into the moment with the same wonder, hope, comfort & heartbeat.

Q: What have your experiences with friendship been like?

Xo, T.


Life is the most difficult exam you’ll never stop taking. Most people fail because they try and copy others, not realizing that every person has a different set of questions.The idea of being “inert” can be a bitch, so make sure that you can chart your own course.

It is a beautiful thing when career and passion come together, ultimately, also both terrifying and amazing. But there’s nothing more dangerous than a lack of self-love. “Trish, why do you want to become a physician? What is it about medicine that inspires you?” Sure, the “dream” is big, scary and according to published statistics… Almost impossible to achieve (unless you’re composed of the 1% of brilliant Einstein-esque minds out there). Let’s be real, I’m just an ordinary girl trying to find her place a world that is bound by social norms in order to make a dream come true. To me, being a physician is the only profession that I find myself loving and hating (with the most intense, and fiery passion) at the same time. But to break it down, all dreams come with a standard principle: Work hard, and STAY persistent.

How? A “good life” is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh (ALOT!) and realize how blessed you are. Find that thing that you love and figure out a way to capitalize on it. More importantly, never give up on a dream simply because it takes time to accomplish. Honestly, the time will pass anyway. Your goals will come paired with an enormous amount of stress from yourself, from your peers and from this world that dictates who makes it, and who doesn’t. Learn to separate yourself because nothing is worth poisoning yourself into anxiety, or fear. Believe that your dream requires no expiration date. So take a step back, breathe in and try again.

So here are my Doctors orders: Don’t be bullied by your problems, I have learned that doubt kills dreams more than fear ever will. Don’t be discouraged when you (or other people) don’t see the things the way you do. Dream on! Not everybody will understand what or why you’re doing it, or where you want to go. Accept that that’s okay and that you’ll get there.. Eventually. But If all else fails, the best thing you can go is… Nothing. What I mean by that is not think, not wonder, not imagine or obsess. Just breathe and have faith in yourself and in the journey that it will soon unfold into its natural course.

Good luck. Xo, T.

Who you are is exactly enough

My demons, although quiet, are never quite silenced. Calm as they may seem to be, they wait patiently for a reason to awake, take an overdue breath and crawl back into my ear.

Am I alone in this never ending struggle to open up to someone? And when I finally allow myself to let my precious guard down, I feel crushed and rejected by their lack of response? One moment you’re trying to help the world become a better place, the next, you want to run away and disappear from everyone and everything?

A narcissist doesn’t reject you for who you are, but for who they are.. They abide by their selfish needs, unreasonable standards, high limitations and their own insecurities. I (or you) don’t have to internalize that but unfortunately for people like myself, my heart is too big, or so they say..

I am unafraid of many things but I am afraid of falling, drowning and rejection. As I look back on the things and people that I’ve been rejected by, I focused so much on the rejection being a negative, but as I sit here, I realize that I’m just being re-directed towards something better. I trust that when the answer is “no,” there is a better “yes” down the road. For the last few years, I have continuously wasted my time trying to explain who I am, and prove my worth to explicit people who are committed to misunderstanding me. Caveat is, their response almost (and always) entirely seems genuine until the fleeting feelings dissipate into an expiration date. On countless occasions, I shifted myself into multiple versions of a person I thought they’d appreciate, but nothing happened. I’d rather have a clear rejection than a fake promise any day, why pull on my emotional stability with a sense of hope? In my rational mind, I know I live by acceptance so I suppose, I’ll die by their rejection as well. I have so many words, but lack the courage.

So my doctors orders are (I too, need to follow my own advice): Continue to work hard and focus on yourself. Do not chase people. The right people who belong in your life will find a place and stay. You do your own thing. Your worth isn’t contingent on someone’s approval. You exist, you matter. Don’t ever feel guilty for asserting your needs and the need for space. Most importantly, you’re allowed to hold into the truth that who you are is exactly enough.

We all struggle and we all have to sacrifice.

Good luck. Xo, T.