Plantiful Sunday: Healing Mung Bean Soup

Staying warm in Ventura this week with this incredible, delicious and healing bowl of mung bean soup. A perfect plant-based addition to your cooking repertoire.

Green mung beans are filled with amazing healing properties. They’re easily digestible, anti-inflammatory and unlike other beans, they don’t cause any gas or bloating. Most importantly, green mung beans are one of the few tridoshic foods in Ayurvedic diets that can be eaten to balance all three dosha’s (energetic forces) in the body. LOVE THAT.

Set up is simple:
1 chopped onion, a few garlic cloves, 1 chopped zucchini, half cup of sweet corn, 1 cup of green mung beans, 7 cups of water, 1 TBS of turmeric, 1 TBS of cumin, s&p. Sauté onions & garlic until fragrant, add everything else and allow to cook between 30-45 minutes.


Customize this dish with whatever spices and veggies you want & make it as flavorful as you desire – Serves for mindful eating. This is what works for my palate.


Eat well. Xo, T.


2 thoughts on “Plantiful Sunday: Healing Mung Bean Soup

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  2. As you can see from the pingback: I made a mung bean soup after I saw your picture and recipe! 🙂 I may do the corn next time, for I’m curious to how that will taste! Quite different than with carrot I think.


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