It’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog. Truth be told, I forgot about you but never completely. A lot has changed in a year – both positive and negative, big transitions have been made and I’ve felt happier, healthier and more free. As of late, I’ve been feeling reinvigorated to pick up blogging again, take it seriously and share snippets of my life (and thoughts!) with you once again.

I’ll elaborate.

Transition #1:
People closest to me have continuously told me that I’ve got a knack for coming up with recipes, cooking and a creative energy when it comes to food. I’ve always considered my relationship with food to be strong, but now even stronger since I’ve transitioned into becoming vegan. My vegan journey has inspired me to inspire YOU to take control of your health because honestly, there isn’t much in life you can control outside of your physical being. I’m not here to push this lifestyle on you, but I am here to share and show you that you can eat delicious, savory and healthy meals being plant-based. Recipes and pretty pictures to come soon.

Transition #2:
I’m graduating University this year and what I thought I’d be doing with my future is slowly changing and being thoroughly questioned by my heart, mind and soul. I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time but I’m coming to feel content with not knowing what lies ahead. Planning doesn’t always work and that’s okay.

Transition #3:
My romantic relationship has evolved into something indescribable. Literally, I have no words. I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I can truly, wholeheartedly invest in my relationship without fear.. And that’s freeing. Almost 7 years later, E and I now share a home, an 11-month tabby cat named Tucker and a love that surpasses the Universe (sappy, I know).

So here are my doctors orders: Shit happens and life changes instantly, with or without the effort you’re putting into it. Be okay with the changes and embrace them. Give love to those that love you and fuck the rest. Do things with passion, or not at all.

Looking forward to blogging again. Good luck. Xo, T.


3 thoughts on “Invigorated

  1. I am happy you are back! I enjoy reading your blog and I like the fact that you are always positive. Whatever life takes us, we should accept it, but it does not mean we cannot change our destiny. Take care xx

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