A lack of..

Biggest advice I’d give to anybody about life:

Nobody likes being let down so stay consistent, if you want to be taken seriously.

Communication, compromise and consistency are necessary in all relationships, not just romantic ones. Small things that are done consistently create a major impact, it may not be glamorous but it’s definitely effective.

What I constantly struggle with is creating visions and imagery in my mind about people who may, or may not be who they are in reality. This could be because of the utmost faith and loyalty that I put into my relationships (a trait that can be a blessing and a curse), friendly and romantic. What irritates me the most is inconsistency; what I mean is when promises are made, reinforced but only broken in the end. I constantly question why it’s hard for certain individuals to keep their promises? A promise that may not be meaningful to themselves, but to another. After multiple deep breaths and a headache thats been pulsating the frontal cortex of my brain, I couldn’t keep feeding the pull of anxiety that’s firing inside; can’t keep worrying about what I can’t control.

So here are my doctors orders: Try to not worry about everything, what will happen will happen regardless. So, breathe.. Look on the bright side and have some laughs. Accept what you can’t change and carry on and remember, what you allow in your relationships will continue.

So if that other person can’t be consistent, don’t follow in their footsteps. Do what’s best for you; show up, stay consistent, do what you say and give more than you take.

Good luck. Xo, T.

PS: I know it’s been a month since I’ve blogged, the rigors of academia has me binded in chains that I can’t seem to break off. I’ll try to post as often as I can and take my own advice and stay, consistent.


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