The fields where I run

Having a soul mate doesn’t only exist in love, it can blossom in a friendship too.

These last 4 weeks that I’ve been back in school have been full of stress, nights of endless homework and studying and the feeling of being alone; the feeling of having to sacrifice your social life for the pressure and advancement to be academically successful.

Tonight, I dedicate this post to all the friends that I’ve been able to keep such good company with. Spent the last 3 hours catching up with a beautiful soul, chatting about living life to it’s fullest potential and experiencing love, amongst other topics (you know who you are). In times of stress and when I’m embedded in the craziness of my everyday life, I often forget how truly blessed I am. The love, good vibes and support mean SO much to me. More than you can even fathom.

Blessed to have such bright souls that surround me on the daily, people who are capable of bringing me back to homeostasis when I feel like I’ve lost my mind. Once again, I am enlightened. Thank you for continuing to water the precious garden that is my soul.

So here are my doctors orders: Be around people who constantly make you smile, laugh and make you feel alive. Cherish the time you have with these people; no phones, just be there, presently. Say I love you and mean it with every fiber of your being. Make an effort to catch up, even if it’s for an hour or two. Give lots of hugs and make sure they’re tight. Love strongly and always be grateful.

Xo, T.


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