Make these nights last forever

Yes, being a raver is an integral part of my life. No, I am not a drug addict.

EDM is the art for the soul. It is the truest expression of how the music is supposed to feel. As far as music culture goes, EDM is the one who accepts all people from all walks of life – the outliers, the ones who get bullied, the ones who might not “fit in,” the popular kids, and the beauty queens. The raving community is exceptional in its ability to bond all types of personalities together and I don’t exaggerate this when I say this.. It saves lives. It certainly saved mine. How? Let me explain.

In the winter of 2013, while going through some hefty personal things, I reconnected with old friends who were veteran ravers. Without being open minded, I immediately found myself judging them and thinking of them as sex-crazed drug users who spent an unnecessary exorbitant amount of money on a music festival. A few months later was a friends birthday. Per birthday request, he wanted to go to a low-key rave and see one of his favorite DJ’s. With hesitation, I said yes. And I’m SO grateful I did because ever since then, my life changed.

What I experienced that night and during following events (EDC 2014)  was is SO beautiful. Being part of the raving community is more than just the drugs associated with it. Yes, it IS a part of it but let me stress this.. it is only an extension. It does not encompass raving as a whole. What makes the raving community the happiest is the people who are strictly related to it and who live their lives to a standard of peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR). Everyone has their own unique story and in the most genuine fashion, everybody in the raving community wants to know yours. There isn’t a better feeling than coming together for one singular purpose; the purpose of listening to your favorite DJ, realizing your favorite song is coming on, then frantically looking around at your rave family and singing in unison. That’s what it is.. That feeling of losing yourself in the arms of the crowd, a sense of belonging and being a part of a group therapy you never knew you could afford is absolutely priceless. I have found that I am now more accepting of others faults and my own personal faults. I feel more connected with the Universe and all of which surrounds me. I find myself veering away from negativity and exhaling bullshit. Overall, I feel free and unchained from the norms which have been set for me since the day I was born. 

IMG_5492[1] IMG_5498[1]IMG_5489[1] IMG_5503[1]  IMG_5508[1] IMG_5486[1] IMG_5448[1]  IMG_5339[1] IMG_5923[1]

So here are my doctors orders: Be a proliferer of good-ass vibes. Your mind is a powerful thing, learn to train it without judgement and fill it with thoughts of positivity. Take care of yourself. Mentally, spiritually and physically. Happiness is found when you’re willing to look for it. Experience. Sometimes the decisions you may think are “wrong” could be so right for you. Paint the sky, dance and keep on dreaming. Go ahead and lose yourself for a few hours, or even for a night. You deserve a break.

Xo, T. 

PS: Trance, Hardstyle and Progressive House are my favorite genres, if you’d like a list of my favorite songs/artists, let me know. 


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